An Introduction To – PPC For 2014


cropped-gfmateclick2Los Angeles, CA – An intro to A new PPC affiliate program brought to you by the same people we brought your TripleXCash, Teenrevenue, OCCash, Pornstar Platinum, and the developers of – we have a combined 60 years in adult affiliate marketing. We are proud of our latest project and we think we’ve released something really unique.

The stats system is completely unique to anything I’ve seen in the adult and even mainstream marke, hence created a quick YouTube video to explain how it works. This program runs on the Nynix server, which is the same system that Facebook and Twitter use. You get real-time stats updated every two seconds.

This is a brand new updated version of the classic PPC program, where webmasters were paid for clicks rather than sign ups. This business model became less and less common and went into extinction in the early days of the Internet because of the high rate of click fraud. We have worked the kinks out and are bringing it back for 2014. At this point, the default payout is one cent per click, however it is adjustable up word depending on the number of leads and sales and affiliate is able to sell. our most common comment we get so far is, “Hey, I’ve only been a member of your affiliate program for 10 minutes and I’m already made $.25.” So, you do the math.

For business development and press inquiries please contact Jason Quinlan:
JasonQuindlen71 / 62835707 on ICQ or by phone at 310-666-5449.

;You can start sending traffic immediately just by signing up for our program, all you need to do is confirm your email address and make sure you familiarize yourself with our Terms Of Service.

You can start sending traffic right away:

See the HD version:


Bringing pay-click-back almost a dozen years after you thought it was extinct….


cropped-gfmateclick2Wow, it’s crazy when your work day ends at 6:23 AM. Hopefully, we will have our new affiliate software in beta by the weekend. I can assure you that this is something that no one in the adult space or the mainstream affiliate market has ever seen before. After I’m done being tired..I may even get excited about it. if you want to lend a helping hand, click this link, so I can make sure that all of our clicks are counted correctly –

Look for a big announcement next two weeks maximum!



Coming Soon to an Internet Near You…


waveI woke up this morning actually excited to get back to work. If anyone has been wondering what I’ve in Vegas for so many weeks, we’ve working on one of the most ambitious web projects this side of Facebook.

We are reaching the point of being able to go public with it in the next few weeks. It is non-adult, but not completely removed from the arena. When you see the finished product, I can guarantee nobody has seen anything even close to it. We have Apps, already approved for Apple and Android phones and available in their respective stores.

It will either be the biggest success or the biggest failure of all time… Regardless, I’d rather be the first person to a bad idea, than the thousandth to copy a good one.

Time will tell, it always does.

 PS: Feel free to unload your gossip here…


I Am No Longer With Pornstar Platinum, OCCash, OCModeling, Lords Of Porn or FreshChecks


I am no longer an owner or working with Pornstar Platinum, OCCash, OCModeling, Lords Of Porn or FreshChecks because “the partners had different visions for the future of the companies, and decided to go in a different directions.  I wish them the best in new ventures and current business”.

Does that explanation sound kind of “stock”?

It is.

Do wish theme continued success? Yes. As an integral part of building these programs / brands: I truly do. They are my legacy. Would one want to leave behind a legacy of failure or success?

The latter, I hope.

If you’ve read this far, you can already infer: I was bought out. I don’t look at it as “doors closing”, I see this as “my future is bright and you can do whatever the fuck I want…”

Does that sound “stock” too?

It isn’t.

Fact is: I built all of these companies (and previously JQMEDIA aka “Jays XXX Links”) from struggling upstarts to successful businesses without the aid of much cash. I did it with ingenuity, experience, and hard work. I kept them in business and healthy for years past where most with their same business model had folded by keeping in-house traffic high. I’ve never ripped anyone off and sold out for a profit every time.

I’m not growing a 3rd hand to pat myself on the back, but…

That’s a good track record, right?

I’ve done this 3 times. I can do it again.

Now, I have unlimited time, am relieved of stress, and a decent chunk of change in my pocket. My future is wide open and I’m optimistic.

If anyone needs one of the best traffic, SEO, affiliate, social media, program owner, PR, marketing, brand development, biz-dev, networking, digital media, project management, wordpress, tube-traffic, press writers, b2b, branding, public speakers, GFY jockey, webmaster dudes / out-of-the-box thinkers / jack-of-all-trades in this business…

I’m here, just waiting for the next opportunity to strike.

Email me:

Thanks for your time,
Jason Quinlan (aka XXXJay)



Everything You Need To Know About Me: An Open Letter


My skill-set, as judged by my peers via LinkedIn.

There has unwarranted bullshit being said about me lately, perhaps a good bit of it can be tied to my sometimes erratic social media comments. I’d like to clear the air.

Am I A Loose Cannon? – First, let me address those people who think I am a “loose cannon”.

This is an average day for me Monday – Friday:

7AM Wake up!- I own share in 3 different companies. Every day I have a lot on my plate.

7:30 to 2PM Work! – Sit in front of a computer, nerding out, trying to figure out how to get people to spend money on porn (which is the digital equivalent to selling fire in hell) and dealing with various business matters.

2PM – 3:30PM Exercise!  – Every day, 5 days a week, I take at least and hour and a half out of my day to get some exercise. It’s not healthy to just sit in front of a computer on my ass all day, plus it just makes me feel good.

3:30 – 7-8PM Work More! – Usually withing the 1.5 hour absence; more matters have come up that require my attention.

7-8PM Midnight / 1AM or so… - I’ll cook dinner for my girlfriend or watch TV. I try to play guitar for at least an hour a day. I play in a band. A few nights a week I have practice. Otherwise, I usually say home.

On weekends, I still work a few hours per day. I have a pretty swanky pad, I don’t like to leave it.

Am I “A Junkie”? – To me, honesty is paramount. I hate hypocrites. I hate people who admonish people for doing drugs, when they (themselves) do them.  If anything, I’ve just been to honest my drug intake publicly.

Here are some “drug facts” you should know:

- I don’t drink, unless I go out. Once or twice a week, I tie a good one on.

- Like many other Californians, I smoke pot, pretty much every night.

- I haven’t really done cocaine the last few years at all. I’m over it.

- Once in a Blue Moon, I’ll do some mushrooms or LSD (if I can find them), but don’t look often.

- Heroin? Naw.

- Meth. Nope.

- E or “Molly”? Not really ever anymore. At age 41, the comedown kinda sucks.

- Adderall are good if you are swamped with work. Otherwise, I don’t take them. I never take them recreationally. I have a prescription.

- Xanax = Delicious!!

Am I A Racist? – Hell no. A good percentage of my friends are black. My girlfriend and half my band are Mexican. I do enjoy racist humor.  I think George Carlin said it best when he said, “Words are harmless, it’s the racist asshole that’s using them you need to be worried about.” I can’t expect everyone to be as progressive thinking as him. There are far better reasons to hate people than the color of their skin.

Do I Like Violence? - Like Albert Eisenstein, I am a pacifist. I don’t believe in war, watch UFC, pick fights, or own a gun. I learned from being locked up for nearly a year, that fights are the thing you try to avoid. I DO NOT RUN AROUND PARTIES ATTACKING PEOPLE WITH SHARP OBJECTS. <<<– HASHTAGS: #PornGossip #ThereAreALotOfRetardsInPorn

About My Recent Past? – Lets just say that over the last few months, I’ve endured a series of events that would have killed weaker person: TWICE.

I will leave it at that.

Am I Suicidal? No.

Other Random Shit? – I am in a monogamous relationship with my girlfriend (our version of monogamous may vary quite a bit from yours – wink, nudge). My favorite show in Southpark. I am a life-long metalhead. My favorite artists are Slayer, Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, Iron Maiden and Eminem. My favorite movies are Goodfellas and Idiocarcy.

So, What’s The Point Of This? – The point I’m trying to make, is don’t judge a person on their social media. Social Media is just a slightly emboldened digital refection of oneself. I have a twisted sense of humor (one of my better qualities) – that comes out in it. Why the erratic out busts? I’m drunk and the rest of my life is so mundane. It’s that simple.

How do I know do much about Social Media?

After all: I am an expert.

Thanks for your time,
Jason Quinlan

PS: This letter was not intended for any one person to read. I’m just setting the record straight. Were you hoping this would be more scandalous? Sorry you’ve read this far. :)


SEO Cheat Sheet: 15 Common Oversights Found During Site Audits


I found this SEO article and I thought it was worth sharing……ng-Site-Audits

For a lot of you this will be old hat, but there are some good points.

You should look and and improve you sites as often a you can to keep in step with the new Google algorithm.

There is some more advanced stuff here and here.

Thats all for now.



Jesus Loves A Circle Of Violence


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Jay from DDTT has a new band “Cirle Of Violence”. We just finished up mixing our new EP this Friday. It’s different than DDTT, a lot more serious and heavy, but I think we actually could do something.

Here a link to the COV set on SoundCloud, give us some love…

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